Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tokachino Fromages 十勝野フロマージュ

Aside from the fact that Tokachino Fromages is located within the vicinity of a roadside station in Nakasatsunai, it can easily be found because of its wooden signage standing in between the road and its wide parking space.
Tokachino Fromages is the place if you`re craving for Camembert cheese soft ice cream! The shop stands within the vicinity of the road side station Nakasatsunai. Right beside it is the factory. The counter is right in front once you get inside and there lined up are the cheese, butter, ice cream, and sweets all for take out. You can also order here another recomendation, their gellato. Sunlight gets into the windows brightening up interior of the shop but you can also enjoy their treats at the table seats in the garden.


This is the factory that is just beside the restaurant shop. This is where the dairy products are processed! 

Camembert cheese soft ice cream for 350 JPY

The menu and other announcements are displayed right at the entrance . 

People come over and get their favourites for take out regularly. 

There are various selections one could choose from! 
The dairy products displayed are all neatly lined up and one can be assured of their freshness because the factory processing it is just right outside the shop. 

One would notice that the tables and furnitures used avoided edges to make the place more "children friendly."

The shop has enough windows to let the sunlight inside. One could enjoy a pleasant afternoon enjoying their food while gazing at the view outside from the windows. 

The soft ice cream of Tokachino Fromages is popular that people come all the way just to get it for
take out. I tried it and it was really creamy! One could really imagine how fresh the milk used in making it was from it`s taste. 

2, Minami 7 chome, Nishi 2 jo, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido, 089-1332
Tel: +81-(0)155-63-5070
Business Hours & Holiday:  Wednesdays (opens on holiday Wednesdays)
7 days a week from  mid-July to 22nd of September

〒089-1332 北海道河西郡中札内村西2条南7丁目2番地
 Tel: 0155-63-5070


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