Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cafe & Shop Seed

 Somebody in the office brought in something fancy this morning. It was a rounded yellowish orange thing which looked something like a persimmon,  pumpkin, squash, and a yellow bell pepper.
So everybody was asked to guess what it is and I thought that it would also be cool to ask friends on Facebook so I took this picture, posted it and started a guessing game.

And this is what just happened....

 It was sliced and served to everyone. I imagined it would be sweet but it was not as sweet as
the other ******es I have eaten in Hokkaido. =) However, I was told that it not no chemical was
used in cultivating it and perhaps that`s the reason why it didn`t taste sweet but it tasted really fresh.

So it`s 8pm right now and I had to wait for this moment before I could give the answer to add excitement to the whole thing.

And so the answer is........(drum roll.....)

This Hokkaido harvested BIG and FRESH tomato is from Bankei Natures.
They have a cafe and shop called Cafe & Shop Seed located in Sapporo where you can
shop for fresh vegetables and enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards alone or with friends.

Tomatoes originally come from the highlands of the Andes mountains in South America
where it`s cold. Hokkaido`s cool climate is conducive for cultivating tomatoes from summer
to fall. The region Hokkaido supplies most of the highest quality tomatoes all over
Japan. Today, Hokkaido ranks as Japan`s 2nd largest producer!

Yellow tomatoes, compared to the red ones, have lots of niacin , folate and less lycopene
than the red tomatoes. Their acid concent is lower than those of the red tomatoes.
 So if your someone who loves tomatoes but has problems eating acidic foods, then yellow
tomatoes may be your alternative. You can use them like red tomatoes in pretty much any
dish from salad, pizzas to ketchup!

So once again, the answer to the quiz is YELLOW TOMATO and you can get one of these
at the Cafe & Shop Seed only here in Hokkaido!

Also, these HOOZUKIS  are also from Bankei Natures!(below)
 札幌中央区南1条 西20丁目1-3 MKビル1F


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