Friday, September 16, 2016

Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo Hotel & Spa Resort

Chateraise Gateux Kingdom Sapporo
シャトレーゼ ガトーキングダムサッポロ

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cafe & Shop Seed

 Somebody in the office brought in something fancy this morning. It was a rounded yellowish orange thing which looked something like a persimmon,  pumpkin, squash, and a yellow bell pepper.
So everybody was asked to guess what it is and I thought that it would also be cool to ask friends on Facebook so I took this picture, posted it and started a guessing game.

And this is what just happened....

 It was sliced and served to everyone. I imagined it would be sweet but it was not as sweet as
the other ******es I have eaten in Hokkaido. =) However, I was told that it not no chemical was
used in cultivating it and perhaps that`s the reason why it didn`t taste sweet but it tasted really fresh.

So it`s 8pm right now and I had to wait for this moment before I could give the answer to add excitement to the whole thing.

And so the answer is........(drum roll.....)

This Hokkaido harvested BIG and FRESH tomato is from Bankei Natures.
They have a cafe and shop called Cafe & Shop Seed located in Sapporo where you can
shop for fresh vegetables and enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards alone or with friends.

Tomatoes originally come from the highlands of the Andes mountains in South America
where it`s cold. Hokkaido`s cool climate is conducive for cultivating tomatoes from summer
to fall. The region Hokkaido supplies most of the highest quality tomatoes all over
Japan. Today, Hokkaido ranks as Japan`s 2nd largest producer!

Yellow tomatoes, compared to the red ones, have lots of niacin , folate and less lycopene
than the red tomatoes. Their acid concent is lower than those of the red tomatoes.
 So if your someone who loves tomatoes but has problems eating acidic foods, then yellow
tomatoes may be your alternative. You can use them like red tomatoes in pretty much any
dish from salad, pizzas to ketchup!

So once again, the answer to the quiz is YELLOW TOMATO and you can get one of these
at the Cafe & Shop Seed only here in Hokkaido!

Also, these HOOZUKIS  are also from Bankei Natures!(below)
 札幌中央区南1条 西20丁目1-3 MKビル1F

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cathedral of the Diocese of Sapporo - Kita Ichi Jo Kyokai

Kita Ichi Jo Kyokai as it is called by the locals is the official Cathedral of the Diocese of Sapporo. Compared to other cathedrals, it may be small but it has a very cozy and warm ambience. 

It was built in the late 19th and early 20th century. 

Sapporo Diocese Cathedral is near either both the subways stations ODORI or SAPPORO. 
It is right beside the SAPPORO FACTORY shopping mall.   ( This could be your landmark.) 

There is a Japanese Mass attended mostly by the locals from 9:00 - 10:00 AM every Sunday. The English Mass from 12:30 -13:30 every Sunday on the other hand is attended mainly by the
foreign nationals residing in the vicinity welcoming and sending off Catholic tourists who come to visit the region and attend mass just before flying back to their own countries. 

Different activities are held all year round such as charity bazaars, international festivals, 
musical concerts, etc. There is a bible study held every 3rd Sunday which welcomes all. 

Come and experience the warmth welcome of the Kita Ichi Jo Kyokai!

Catholic Kita Ichi Jo Church 
10 Kita 1 Jo Higashi 6 Chou me
Chuo Ku Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Tel: 011-231-4189


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nobu Kitchen Cooking Studio ノブキッチン

The Warm and Cozy Ambience of the Nobu Kitchen 
Experience and learn more about Japanese healthy eating lifestyle from a vegetable sommelier and junior vegetable and fruit mesiter! Gain knowledge while enjoying the cooking classes which also teaches Japanese artistic table coordination and proper usage of Tokachi vegetables. You`ll surely have a healthy perspective on life and food after visiting the Nobu Kitchen.


    The Nobu Kitchen is committed to educating its learners with the proper knowledge in utilising
    each of the ingredients harvested from Tokachi to its fullest.

Table setting and different ways in serving various food can also be learned at Nobu Kitchen.

  The Nobu Kitchen provides a conducive place for learners to enrich their culinary skills using the
   best food ingredients in Hokkaido Japan.

     Various recipes can be learned at the Nobu Kitchen.

Here are some of the various recipes using the best of Tokachi`s harvests.
Tokachi is well known for producing the most delicious vegetables in Japan.
Tokachi harvests are considered luxurious ingredients. Take advantage of this
chance and experience learning how to cook only at the Nobu Kitchen!

Below are some more of the recipes one could learn at the Nobu Kitchen with Ms.Tsugayasu!


Minami 9-5, Nishi 10 jo, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido
Tel; +81-(0)155-21-2002
Business Hours & Holidays: Please inquire directly.

Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm 共働学舎新得農場

Visit the Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm and learn more about the Camembert cheese "Sakura" which won the gold medal at the Mountain Cheese Olympics in 2004 and again in 2007! Visitors should take advantage and make advance reservations for the "Butter Hand Making" and "Cheese Hand Making" experience. Try the various seasonal cuisines which uses the farm`s cheese cuisines and dairy products at Mintaru.


9-1 Aza-Shintoku, Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 081-0038
Tel: +81-(0)156-69-5600
Business Hours & Holiday: Opens 7 days a week

〒081-0038 北海道上川郡新得町字新得9-1
 電話番号: 0156-69-5600








Kaneda Berry Garden 金田ベリー園

Photos from the website:

You can enjoy Berry Picking and Jam making here at the vast fields of the Kaneda Farm. Haskap berries, Cassies (black, red, and white) , and Gooseberries depending on the season. Early reservation is not really necessary so you can just visit directly. It would be a good idea to take home with you a Haskap Jam before leaving.


58, Nishi 1 sen, Kuttari, Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 081-0154
TEL: +81-(0)156-65-3000  FAX: +81-(0)156-65-3001
Business Hours & Holidays: Please inquire.

〒081-0154 北海道上川郡新得町字屈足西1線58
TEL: 0156-65-3000  FAX: 0156-65-3001

Taste Workshop Honami  味工房 ほなみ


Be sure to have your meal at the farm restaurant "Aji Kobo Honami"before leaving Makubetsu. The weekly set meal are directly harvested from the farm. There is a dining space in the harvest house of Honami field where you enjoy your take out and shop for fresh fruits and vegetables at the Honami Marche.

今回ご紹介するのは、十勝の食材にこわった農家レストラン『味工房 ほなみ』。四季折々の新鮮野菜やほなみから眺める景色も自慢です。ビニールハウスで飲食やテイクアウトのできる「味工房ほなみ」や産直市場の「ほなみマルシェ」も併設しています。

                                                     店舗裏庭(冬) The Garden in Winter

The Garden in Spring  中庭(春)

店内写真 Inside the Restaurant

休憩スペース There is also a space where you can enjoy the view of the garden. 

鱈の香味ソースがけ Tokachi`s asparagus is famous for its deliciousness and high nutritional value. 




店舗裏のひまわり畑 The Beautiful Fields of Sun Flower 

Hokkaidō Nakagawa-gun Makubetsu-chō Senju 235 - 4
Please inquire with regards business operations during  year-end and New Year holidays

味工房 ほなみ
〒089-0563  北海道中川郡幕別町千住235-4

休日: 水曜 ※年末年始要問合せ