Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nobu Kitchen Cooking Studio ノブキッチン

The Warm and Cozy Ambience of the Nobu Kitchen 
Experience and learn more about Japanese healthy eating lifestyle from a vegetable sommelier and junior vegetable and fruit mesiter! Gain knowledge while enjoying the cooking classes which also teaches Japanese artistic table coordination and proper usage of Tokachi vegetables. You`ll surely have a healthy perspective on life and food after visiting the Nobu Kitchen.


    The Nobu Kitchen is committed to educating its learners with the proper knowledge in utilising
    each of the ingredients harvested from Tokachi to its fullest.

Table setting and different ways in serving various food can also be learned at Nobu Kitchen.

  The Nobu Kitchen provides a conducive place for learners to enrich their culinary skills using the
   best food ingredients in Hokkaido Japan.

     Various recipes can be learned at the Nobu Kitchen.

Here are some of the various recipes using the best of Tokachi`s harvests.
Tokachi is well known for producing the most delicious vegetables in Japan.
Tokachi harvests are considered luxurious ingredients. Take advantage of this
chance and experience learning how to cook only at the Nobu Kitchen!

Below are some more of the recipes one could learn at the Nobu Kitchen with Ms.Tsugayasu!


Minami 9-5, Nishi 10 jo, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido
Tel; +81-(0)155-21-2002
Business Hours & Holidays: Please inquire directly.


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