Friday, September 9, 2016

Shimamui Coast 島武意海岸

The Coast of Shimamui is just beside the cape of Kamui. The Shakotan Blue will spread right in front of your eyes after getting out of a small narrow tunnel and you might forget that you are still in Hokkaido with what you will see! As you touch the transparent waters of the sea after getting down to the coast, sea urchins on rocks can be seen. So be sure to check the weather and pick a fine day to visit!


The Coast of Shimamui Signage 

                                                      The Tunnel to the Majestic View
 The Entrance to the Tunnel

The Shakotan Blue on a Cloudy Afternoon 

The View at the Shimamui Coast 

Wouldn`t you want to spend a peaceful afternoon in this place? 
The Clear Waters of the Shakotan Blue 
The Clear Blue Sky 
The Beauty of Nature at the Shimamui Coast 

Irika, Shakotan-cho, Shakotan-gun, Hokkaido 046-0201
+81-(0)135-44-3715  (Shakotan-cho Tourism Association)
Open 7 days a week (Not accessible during winter, due to snow)

〒046-0201  北海道積丹郡積丹町入舸
 電話:0135-44-3715  (積丹観光協会)
 休日 : 無 (冬期間は積雪のため入場不可)


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