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The Charm of Furano`s 4 Seasons

The Charm of Furano`s Four Seasons
Furano, the navel of the island of Hokkaido, is one of the most amazing cities of Japan all year round.  If not its most beautiful city, it certainly is one of its most enthralling.  No tourist ever regretted visiting it. 
Ainu. Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)
Furano comes from the Ainu word Furanui - Stinky Flame. Ainu are the indigenous people of Hokkaido. 
Photo Courtesy of Minoru` Photo Diary 
The city is associated with the sulfuric smell coming from the mountain range of Tokachi.


Spring in Furano,  its overflowing rivers and cool air,  signals the unobserved rebirth of Furano’s natural beauty.  There will still be snows in the mountains and some skiing, but in the meadows, the enticing scent of earth and the beginning renewed life of flower fields meeting the crisp cold waters gives new reason to celebrate. The celebration begins in May when the festivals entertain locals and visitors alike with passion and welcome. In May, the fields begin to turn lavender with speckles of yellow, red, and orange. 


Summer is the season that will hold you spellbound guaranteed. Summer in Furano promises you the extraordinary beauty and dazzle of miles and miles of fields of lavender and other flowers. So beautiful it is that the locals celebrate summer with the “Lavender Festival”, and the lush and plentiful expressions of life with fireworks in the Fireworks Festival,  as well as the renowned Belly-Button Dancing Festival. Summer in Furano is a time for Hot Air balloons and river rafting and of course,  communing with nature.
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Early autumn is fantastic for bicycling around the city. The people are warm and kind.  The beauties of summer may be fading but the scenery is fresh, clean, and the pure green all around as well as the bright blue sky will give a visiting tourist wonderful memories of Hokkaido. The charm of Furano doesn’t end with spring, summer and winter. Cycling through the city in autumn, visiting the winery, cheese factory, art and photo galleries are just as fun, and end the day with a dip in the many hot springs surrounding the Tokachi Mountains.
Photos Courtesy of  Guided Cycling Tent

Furano, during winter, is a fascinating place for a skiing holiday. Guests are greeted at the Furano resort where live cultural performances, tea ceremonies,  kimono rituals and more enable them to experience the local culture. The natural hot springs have enchanted many tourists who’ve come to visit this beautiful part of Hokkaido. The ski resorts of Furano are a short distance from its downtown. Skiing, snow-shoe trekking, ice hole fishing, snow rafting and many other winter fun await to captivate tourists.
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Furano’s year round activities and natural beauty keeps visitors coming back. Experience the different seasons, unique culture and gastronomic fare one can only encounter in this city. Lavender fields, ski resort, cheese factory, winery and bicycle rides are just the some of the places to visit and fun things to do in Furano.    


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