Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ryugetsu Sweet Pea Garden

Located in 18-2 Shimaotofuke Kita 9 Sen Nishi, Otofuke-cho, Katou-gun, Hokkaido, Japan, 
Ryugetsu is a local sweets manufacturing company in Hokkaido, Japan that aims to offer a people and environment friendly next generation food factory. As an effort to provide quality 
products, its hygiene management system adapted the HACCP technology and further 
developing better ways to improve its products and services. 

Ryugetsu is very popular to the locals because of its affordable and yet high grade quality and delicious products. It has been a tradition in Hokkaido for some families to serve only cakes from Ryugetsu during birthdays and special occasions. It is also a perfect souvenir to be exchanged locally and globally.

Most of the ingredients used manufacturing the products come from Tokachi, Hokkaido which is a region known for producing the most delicious food ingredients. A factor that can be considered as a reason behind this is because of the four distinct seasons that help maintain the region to have a conducive environment for breeding the animals and plants necessary for the production. They have been a good producer of dairy products and this information has been spreading lately. The cakes and pastries produced by the company may not be too sweet but they still taste sweet enough to satisfy someone`s sweet tooth.

Come and shop for sweets at this top class manufacturing factory in Hokkaido. Enjoy the finely and yet affordable sweets at the cafeteria and experience hand-making and cutely designing sweets yourself at the fully equipped baking studio. There is a garden outside where you can enjoy taking pictures with your friends before leaving with the cakes and pastries you bought to take home. 

For more information contact:
Summer 9:00 - 18:00  
Winter 9:30 - 17:30  
18-2 Shimo Otofuke Kita 9-sen NIshi Otofuke Town, Kato District, Hokkaido, Japan

Monday, August 1, 2016


Located in Moiwa Okishinaimura, Tomari-mura, Furuu-gun, Hokkaidō Japan, Sakazuki Terrasse opened in July 16, 2016 
and now offers different instructor guided marine activities 
such as sea kayak, stand up paddling, snorkeling and  a lot more!

Come and bathe in the waters of Shakotan here at the newly opened facility opened by a local coast research company, Coast Research Engineering Co., Ltd. 

Choose from various marine activities such as sea kayaking, snorkeling, and SUP (stand up paddling)which can be enjoyed to experience the crystal clear waters of the Shakotan Blue! 

A very supportive instructor is present so first timers can also participate. 

Sumptuous cuisines which uses harvests from the region Ganu such as Sea Urchins and Abalone. 

There are also food making activities available. Special orders may also be made, for example if you would like to eat more sea urchins, through advance reservation and the fishermen will then choose the best ingredient and have it prepared for you at the terrase. 

Of course, simple and yet important moments such as watching the sunset can also be spent at the terrace.