Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kinteki Brewery 金滴酒造 Kinteki Shuzo

Come and vist the Kinteki Brewing Company which was established in 1906. It still remains to be a wooden building with the smell of the fermented rice drifting inside. The building may be old but its beauty attracts people to come and sketch it.  The Japanese sake sold here can only be bought here so buying one is highly recommended. There are also cakes and candies which contains the local sake but does not have the strong taste of alcohol so it can be enjoyed by more people.



71-7 Aza-Chuo, Shintotsukawa-cho, Kabato-gun, Hokkaido 073-1103
Tel: +81-(0)125-74-4112
Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
* Suddenly takes holidays so call before visiting.

〒073-1103 北海道樺戸郡新十津川町字中央71-7
 Tel: 0125-74-4112
休業日, 土日・祝日不定休


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